Ellen Skiff

  Graphic Designer + Art Director

Social Content

Client: Rockefeller Center

Date: 2023

Role: Art Director, Senior Designer 

Team: Ryan Giese–Design Director , Nic Jamieson–Associate Design Director, Laura Miller–Creative Director

Description: In a strategic overhaul of Rockefeller Center's social media presence, I spearheaded the transformation of its Instagram page. Recognizing the inefficiencies of the previous approach, I introduced a comprehensive design system utilizing Figma, which ensured a seamless workflow for the design team. Central to the revamp was the refinement of the @rockefellercenter aesthetic, characterized by a vibrant color palette and updated story templates designed to captivate and engage our audience. Collaborating closely with the social media team, we produced an extensive array of visually compelling stories, using static images and bespoke video content. This concerted effort resulted in a surge in followers, with our follower count hitting 400K by early 2024.