Ellen Skiff

  Graphic Designer + Art Director


Client: MintNFT

Date: SP 2022

Role: Seinor Designer

Team: Aya Baeshean, E. Aaron Ross, Cindy Niu

Description: MintNFT sought our expertise for a rebrand to establish a unique presence in the NFT market while highlighting their digital artwork. Collaborating closely with strategy, I conducted market research to identify competition to ensure a unique look. Through iterative design exploration and client feedback, we developed a sophisticated brand identity. The modular logo, resembling a picture frame, symbolizes the framing of digital art. The color palette, primarily monochromatic with a vibrant mint green accent, conveys modernity and a premium experience. I created a comprehensive brand guide using Figma to ensure consistent implementation across digital platforms. Additionally, a brand book provides strategic insights for marketing initiatives, ensuring cohesive brand messaging. Our collaborative efforts resulted in a reinvigorated brand identity that captures MintNFT's artistic ethos and positions them as a distinctive player in the evolving NFT landscape.

Brand Guide PDF


Client: AIGA Portland

Date: 2018

Role: Designer

Team: Martha Lewis


Client: Airship

Date: 2018-2019

Role: Designer

Team: Luke Cowdin


Client: Rockefeller Center

Date: W ‘23

Role: Senior Designer

Team: Ryan Giese–Design Director , Nic Jamieson–Associate Design Director