Ellen Skiff

  Graphic Designer + Art Director

Advertising Campaign

Client: Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock

Date: FA/W ‘23 

Role(s): Art Director, Senior Designer 

Team: Ryan Giese–Design Director , Nic Jamieson–Associate Design Director, Laura Miller–Creative Director

Description: Welcome to the apex of New York City's skyline: The Beam at Top of the Rock. Echoing the iconic "Lunch Atop A Skyscraper" photograph, this all new experience invites visitors to see the city like the men on the beam once did.

Our vision for "SEE YOU AT THE TOP" was born from the city's energy, eliciting thrill and cultural experiences. The launch spanned from the streets to social media, generating buzz and excitiment from locals and tourists alike to come experience The Beam. 

In my role as the Art Director and Senior Designer for this campaign, I curated the talent based on their resonance with the Top of the Rock experience. I crafted mood boards to define the aesthetic direction of the wardrobe, ensuring alignment with the campaign's overarching vision. I actively participated in the photo shoots, overseeing the composition and positioning of individuals to ensure alignment with our creative objectives.