Ellen Skiff

  Graphic Designer + Art Director

Merchandise Design

Client: Rockefeller Center

Date: SU/F ‘23

Role: Senior Designer

Team: Ryan Giese–Design Director , Nic Jamieson–Associate Design Director 

Description: Rockefeller Center approached us seeking a comprehensive merchandise package. As a premier tourist destination situated in midtown Manhattan and serving as a cultural nucleus of New York City, the provision of captivating merchandise for both visitors and locals is paramount. Drawing inspiration from the historical legacy of the center alongside contemporary influences, we crafted an array of items including hoodies, hats, shirts, mugs, and various souvenirs. The outcome culminated in a curated gift shop filled with premium wearables that elicited great satisfaction from our client.


Merchandise Design

Client: Airship

Date: SU ‘19

Role: Graphic Designer

Team: Luke Cowdin–Design Director

Description: Airship, a leading tech company in Portland, OR, has a large team of talented software engineers. One of their standout programs is the annual Bug Bounty event, where their team partners with other engineers to find coding bugs. This event is known for its competitiveness and offers attractive prizes to top bug hunters. When we were asked to design a special T-shirt for event participants, we aimed to create something more impressive than the typical company merchandise. This unique T-shirt design was carefully crafted to meet the high standards of many stakeholders within the company, highlighting the event's significance and promoting a sense of unity and pride among participants.